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Online Marketing Frauds

My good friend, David Chapman, has written a nice article on statements that you might hear from SEO companies in order to sell you on their expertise. He mentions five search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) claims that simply are not true. They may seem like common sense to SEO specialists like David […]

How does Microsoft SEO their website?

Whoa! Imagine doing the SEO work for a site the size of Microsoft’s. In an interview with Derrick Wheeler, Senior SEO Architect for Microsoft, talks about the large-scale SEO requirements for a multi-business, global site such as Microsoft. One of his most interesting quotes is:  “A lot of people talk about ‘content is king. content […]

SEO your website – Christmas is on its way

Great article by Josh Hall on Simply Business on how important it is to search engine optimize your web pages for online Christmas shoppers.  Seasonal SEO is something that a lot of website owners do not consider, yet for many companies their business lives or dies by seasonal sales. If your business is seasonal, then […]

SEO Basics – always important

One of the most important tasks in  SEO strategy is to make the website SEO friendly.  The results give the website increased traffic based on industry keywords rather than relying solely on the corporate identity or product, branded keywords.  More traffic, in turn, results in better ranking and positioning. When a website has no appreciable […]