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Joe Lieberman wants a Terrorist Button on blogs

Because Google has put a flagging opportunity for viewers on YouTube to “flag” a video for inappropriate content (violent acts, hate mongering and how-to-make-a-bomb videos), Senator Lieberman has written Google CEO Larry Page suggesting that a Terrorist Button be placed on Blogger sites to help us flag inappropriate content on Blogger blogs. My concerns here are […]

The Court of Public Opinion

Here is a perfect example of how the Internet becomes the “court of public opinion.” Our team is working on this project with today being the worldwide announcement of our client’s lawsuit. If you follow this case online, you can see how the process works. First, we created a blog, www.morrisvswestfield.com, with the complaint and […]

Ethical or Unethical?

I’m in a quandry.  I was hired by a group of doctors manufacturing a single-use, disposable gynecological product to build their brand and market their entry into this new market.  After four or five teleconferences, three or four proposal modifications, and the final go-ahead, I felt I was dealing with a group of honorable men. […]

Manage your environmental crisis before it happens

An article on Forbes.com points out the how too often a company fails to prepare for the unknown crisis that could threaten their business continuity and lead to online reputation management problems.  As the article states, “The time to put together a management plan for handling all the negative press you get from an environmental […]