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An eye on SEO

Online presence — more than just having website, more than just having a blog. If you approach your online presence with a casual attitude, the results will be casual — and disappointing. The purpose of a website or any other online presence is to deliver the right message to the right audience. Unless you can […]

SEO your website – Christmas is on its way

Great article by Josh Hall on Simply Business on how important it is to search engine optimize your web pages for online Christmas shoppers.  Seasonal SEO is something that a lot of website owners do not consider, yet for many companies their business lives or dies by seasonal sales. If your business is seasonal, then […]

The Court of Public Opinion

Here is a perfect example of how the Internet becomes the “court of public opinion.” Our team is working on this project with today being the worldwide announcement of our client’s lawsuit. If you follow this case online, you can see how the process works. First, we created a blog, www.morrisvswestfield.com, with the complaint and […]

Ethical or Unethical?

I’m in a quandry.  I was hired by a group of doctors manufacturing a single-use, disposable gynecological product to build their brand and market their entry into this new market.  After four or five teleconferences, three or four proposal modifications, and the final go-ahead, I felt I was dealing with a group of honorable men. […]

Now that’s what I’m saying

Julia Angwin was frustrated because every time someone Googled her, the top results were for an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2005 about Lewis “Scooter” Libby who was indicted for making false statement, perjuring himself and obstructing justice by lying about how and when he learned the identity of CIA operative valerie Plame. […]