Is Google Responsible?

Posted by on July 12, 2014 at 10:56 pm.

Interesting article on a 40-year-old restaurant whose weekend business dropped off 75% they think due to an erroneous posting that they were not open on weekends. In fact, most of their business was due to weekend traffic. When the Google Places listing stated that the restaurant was not open on weekends, the business dropped so dramatically, that they began to lay off employees and eventually closed their doors in April 2013.

So what does this situation represent? That online representations are critical for any business. I’m not sure the restaurant owner will prevail in his lawsuit, but monitoring your business’  online presence is absolutely essential in the climate of the Internet and business today. Unfortunately for this business owner, he was not an online type of guy and he was confused when his long-established business began to fail.

I have had this concept in mind for years: if you are not online, you will probably not be in business in three years; if you are online, but do nothing to positively manage your online presence, you will probably not be in business in five years. Seems in this case my projections were off.

No business can afford to ignore their online presence. Aside from the value of online marketing, if you are not aware of what is being posted about your business and someone with negative intentions posts for you, you are basically….well, screwed.

Read more on this story about the impact of Google.


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