How does Microsoft SEO their website?

Posted by on July 30, 2011 at 11:21 pm.

Whoa! Imagine doing the SEO work for a site the size of Microsoft’s. In an interview with Derrick Wheeler, Senior SEO Architect for Microsoft, talks about the large-scale SEO requirements for a multi-business, global site such as Microsoft.

One of his most interesting quotes is:  “A lot of people talk about ‘content is king. content is king,’ says Wheeler. “With ‘mega SEO,’ structure is king because without structure, your content won’t even be discovered.”

Those of us to who SEO for online properties can really understand this statement.  Interestingly enough, structure of the website, blog, or other properties always require a good structure. Without it, how can you manage your website and it’s recognition by the search engines?

While Microsoft doesn’t have to really worry about being “punished” by Google for slow-loading, low or no traffic pages or broken link, the authority status of Microsoft proves what we have always known.  Your job as an SEO specialist is to crete the authority recognition from search engines that will build traffic and good search engine positioning.

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Chesa Keane

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